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I Heal Tap

A safe space for healing



At iHealtap, we understand grief can be a difficult journey. We provide a safe space to explore your feelings and find understanding. Our compassionate grief counseling services are here to help you on your path to healing. In addition, we offer a range of thoughtful options to support the bereaved during times of sorrow. Our grief gifts, including a bereavement box and a comprehensive aftercare bundle provide not only immediate solace but also offers ongoing assistance with a gentle guide to navigate the griever through challenges surrounding their loss.

What Clients Say

"My husband received a box from I Heal Tap for the loss of his sister from the owner Kelly and her husband that blessed my husband in his time of grieving beyond words. Each item was selected with personal touch and included just what he needed in his healing journey. It seemed as if each item was selected just for him. He and I were overwhelmed by the kind gesture that Included items for him to write in and cherish for life. We are so thankful and humbled at the same time. We are telling others that we know will be blessed."

Now Accepting New Clients

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