Let healing begin with our custom bereavement boxes

Our bereavement healing box is a see/feel/taste experience that is strategically curated to entice your senses while promoting calmness to the mind, body and spirit. Each box is packed with spa items to lift your mood and literature related to their loss.


One can't heal unless grief is expressed. Denying grief can place the bereaved in a state of confusion causing them to become overwhelmed. The death of a loved one is life changing, forever. Healing happens when grief work begins. The giver has the option to purchase a complementary grief session to help the griever move towards a renewed sense of meaning and purpose in life. 

Literature/ Follow up
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When you gift our bereavement healing box you are gifting them educational literature specific to their loss assisting them on their healing journey and our follow-up is the gift that keeps on giving. On your behalf, we'll send "thinking of you" note cards up to 6 months. Chose this option at check-out.