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Kelly Buffaloe Taylor


Meet Kelly, Grief Mentor and dedicated advocate for self-care. She is the driving force behind I Heal Tap, a grief and bereavement wellness service committed to guiding individuals through their healing journey. As a Certified Grief Counselor, Kelly equips her clients, community and corporate partners with invaluable insights into grief and bereavement, empowering them to prioritize self-care along the way.

Kelly's passion for healing led her to create the Grief Kit, formally called Bereavement Healing Box,  a comforting tool carefully designed to support the bereaved as they navigate their grief. Each kit/box is a thoughtful curation of comfort and care, acknowledging that healing is a personal and unique process for every individual.

Drawing from her own experiences, Kelly knows the importance of compassionate support during challenging times. When she unexpectedly lost her first husband and found herself a single parent, she recognized the need for more comprehensive assistance. Inspired by her journey, she initiated empowering programs, including a funeral aftercare program and the original bereavement care basket concept (2001).

Kelly's dedication to healing knows no bounds. Her commitment has made her the go-to person for friends and families experiencing loss, a role she embraces with empathy and understanding.

As a wife and mother, Kelly's personal journey drives her mission to create safe spaces and foster healing for those facing grief's challenges. With her unwavering dedication and compassionate spirit, Kelly Buffaloe Taylor is a beacon of hope for anyone seeking solace on their healing path.

Kelly has lent her expertise to several podcasts as well as being quoted in Essence magazine online; go here to read


Kelly shares:

“When one offers comfort to another, it can occur in various ways from a text, phone call, a note card, or a box of healing items. Just knowing someone is holding space for you in their heart can change the trajectory of a bereavement journey. I Heal Tap is not just a service for individuals in need, it’s also a resource for those who want to support them.”


Kelly holds a master's degree in Public Relations as well as a Health and Human Services degree with a concentration in death & dying. She received certifications in Grief Counseling in 2003 and most recently became certified as a Death Doula and Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) Practitioner. Kelly has devoted many years to being a Hospice volunteer and is also a member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Incorporated.

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