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Kelly Buffaloe Taylor


A pioneering visionary and advocate for self-care, Kelly Buffaloe Taylor, is the founder of I Heal Tap, a grief and bereavement wellness service that supports the healing of individuals.  As a Certified Grief Counselor, Kelly equips her clients and community partners with a greater understanding of grief and bereavement as a means to promoting self-care.


With a belief that “everyone deserves a safe place to heal”, Kelly Buffaloe Taylor, is also the creator of the Bereavement Healing Box. A comfort tool she formulated to help the bereaved move through the grieving process. Bereavement Healing Boxes allow loved ones to gently express condolences while encouraging healthy actions for healing. Conscious that loss is a varied experience, with no one approach effective for all, Kelly takes pride in carefully curating the contents of each box, ensuring it provides adequate care and comfort upon delivery. When asked what fuels her desire to deliver relief to those in grief- Kelly shares that it was her own experience with loss and healing that led her to be of service to others.


A wife of 10 years and mother to a young daughter, the unexpected passing of Kelly’s first husband, left her both widowed and a single parent. Family and friends assembled to offer support in the ways they knew how, providing assistance with childcare and offering a listening ear, but what Kelly needed the most-   a sense of direction, no one could provide as no one around her had lost a husband. In hindsight and with much time and healing, Kelly would come to understand how her own experience with grief could have been a more tranquil transition. Later, she would lead a series of empowering initiatives to deliver education and support to those experiencing loss. One initiative was the creation of a funeral aftercare program for the bereaved. The program launched in 2002 and still operates today. Through her original bereavement care basket concept, which launched in 2003, individuals and families nationwide received the comfort they so urgently required. She actively serves as an advocate for healing. Kelly has worked with churches, schools, and the community at large.  Today, she remains the go-to person for family and friends who experience the passing of a friend or loved one and it isn’t a role she is shy of.

Kelly has lent her expertise to several podcasts as well as being quoted in Essence magazine online; go here to read


Kelly shares:


“When one offers comfort to another, it occurs in various ways from a phone call, a note card, or a box of healing items. Just knowing someone is holding space for you in their heart can change the trajectory of a bereavement journey. I Heal Tap is not just a service for individuals in need, it’s also a resource for those who want to support them.”


Kelly holds a master's degree in Public Relations as well as a Health and Human Services degree with a concentration in death & dying. She received certifications in Grief Counseling in 2003 and most recently became certified as a Death Doula and Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) Practitioner. 

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Kelly Buffaloe Taylor

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