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When you gift our GRIEF KITS, you're gifting  a thoughtful, universal and compassionate collection of items designed to provide comfort, support, and education to those who are grieving.  However, our GRIEF KITS  are more than just a gift – it's a gesture of understanding, a token of remembrance, and a companion for emotional healing and for a limited time includes a voucher for a complimentary 30 minute Grief Counseling Session.


This carefully curated box aims to help individuals navigate their journey through grief by offering a range of soothing and meaningful elements:

  • Comfort Items: The box includes items that provide physical and emotional comfort, such as a lavender eye pillow for relaxation and a sense of calm. As well as 6 full sized shower steamers packed with the relaxing aromatherpy essential oil scents 

  • Peace Tea: A soothing blend of tea specially chosen to promote relaxation and a sense of tranquility during challenging times.

  • Chocolates: Sweet treats to provide moments of comfort and indulgence, offering a small source of joy amidst the difficult emotions of grief.

  • Honey: A symbol of natural sweetness, honey can be used to sweeten the tea and serves as a reminder of the simple pleasures in life.

  • Grief Literature: Providing insights, perspectives, and guidance for navigating the grieving process.

  • Grief Journal: A space for individuals to express their thoughts, feelings, and memories as they work through their grief. Journaling can be therapeutic and cathartic.

  • Tea Strainer: A practical tool for brewing the peace tea, symbolizing the process of infusing moments of calm into one's daily routine.

  • Cookies: Along with chocolates, the cookies offer another comforting treat that can bring a sense of warmth and solace.

  • Mini Tissue Pack with inspirational message


This Grief Kit not only offers physical comfort but also supports emotional healing and growth. By including items that provide relaxation, indulgence, and tools for self-reflection, it creates a comprehensive and nurturing experience for those who are grieving. The combination of comfort and education makes this box a valuable resource for anyone on their journey towards healing after loss. 






GRIEF KIT I - Grief Journal Included

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