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In the aftermath of loss, when the initial support dwindles, our aftercare bundle steps in. It's a continuous connection, reminding the Bereaved that their feelings matter. Picture this: a personalized series of support sent on your behalf, tangible proof of your lasting empathy.


Over the course of three consecutive months, we'll deliver a series of inspiring cards, each a touch of comfort and resilience. To commence, the initial card arrives as a soothing kit, housing an inspiring card alongside a comforting blend of tea, honey sticks and A Griever's Journal Guide Book. It's a gesture crafted to bring solace and warmth, all bearing the personal touch of your sentiment.


Don't worry about it, we will notify you before your cards are mailed.


This invaluable service requires just one payment, and it can be initiated at any juncture along the path of grief. Let our aftercare bundle be the unwavering companionship that eases the ache of loss and whispers to the heart that they are never truly alone, and for a limited time we're including a voucher for a complimentary 30-minute Grief Counseling Session.


3 - Month Aftercare Grief Bundle

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