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The Empty Chair At Thanksgiving - Poem

In the warmth of Thanksgiving's embrace,

An empty chair, an empty space.

Gathered around, hearts heavy, yet strong,

Memories lingering, where love once belonged.

A treasured absence, felt in the air,

Jokes and laughter are no longer there.

The feeling of gratitude, has a bittersweet taste,

As family gathers, love is not erased.

Shared stories recall the one who's gone,

Their spirit lives when we hear their favorite song.

Through tears that fall and memories shared,

The empty chair, a symbol cared.

In the midst, echoes of love remain,

A family together,  despite the pain.

Thanksgiving's table, both full and bare,

Honoring the missing, in the empty chair

5 Things You Can Do to Honor Your Loved One's Memory at Thanksgiving     

  • Include a place setting in their honor including a framed photo, candle and a personal item of theirs. (Think altar)

  • Make their favorite side dish and share stories how it became their favorite and who they prefered to prepare it. (Give a little shine to someone else)

  • Share your favority memories.

  • Play their favorite song/playlist. (Sing it loud even if off key)

  •  Take a moment to express your gratitude for the time you spent with your loved one and the impact they had on your life.

  • Say their name as often as possible. It has been said that the moment we stop calling the name of our deceased loved ones is the moment they truly die.

  • Start and end in pray.

May God bless your healing and give you a piece of joy on Thanksgiving. - Kelly

Kelly Buffaloe Taylor, a Certified Grief Counselor at I Heal Tap, a dedicated grief and bereavement wellness service.

My mission is to provide compassionate support, guidance, and healing to those who are grieving. Through my blog posts, I aim to share valuable insights, short personal stories of my own loss and coping strategies that can hopefully help you or your loved ones find solace during difficult times.

Whether you're here seeking guidance, information, or simply a sense of connection with someone who understands, I'm here for you. Together, we can explore the path toward healing and resilience in the face of loss.

1 Comment

Sandra Jamerson
Sandra Jamerson
Nov 17, 2023

Outstanding! Anyone with grief during the holidays to come will feel a small sense of joy after reading this.

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